Soeben ist Heft 1 des 21. Jg. 2018 der Zeitschrift für Europarechtliche Studien erschienen. Zur Antidiskriminierungsthematik des Jean-Monnet-Lehrstuhls gehört der auf S. 111 – 141 veröffentlichte Aufsatz von Anna Hettrich mit dem Titel „Racial Profiling in Europe: How well equipped is National, International and Supranational Human Rights Law to counter it?“

No Legal Pathway for Asylum Seekers to the EU through Humanitarian Visas: The case of X and X v Belgium before the CJEU

 [German version below] The latest paper in the E-Paper series Saar Briefs analyses the Judgment „X and X v Belgium“, in which the CJEU, contrary to the Opinion of Advocate General Mengozzi, rejected a Member State’s obligation flowing from the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in conjunction with the EU […]

How to Combat Information Warfare in the Post-Truth Age

The latest paper in our E-Paper series Blueprints with the subject „How to Combat Information Warfare in the Post-Truth Age“ by Karoline Schmidt deals with the Commission’s decision on the EU law compatibility of the suspension of the Russian TV broadcaster RTR Planeta by the Lithuanian authorities. The article provides […]