One of the chair’s assistants will participate next weekend in the „International Americanistic Studies Congress“, which will take place in Perugia, Italy, from 17-22 September and will be organised by the Centro Studi Americanistici „Circolo Amerindiano“. The programme can be viewed here. On Sunday Anna Kohte will give a lecture entitled „Environmental Law and Human Rights Law – A Strategic Alliance? The Case of Indigenous Rights and Biodiversity Protection in Latin America“ in the panel „Indigenous Rights and Indigenism: A Transnational Discussion“. You can follow it live on Facebook or watch it one day later on YouTube. Abstract: Indigenous peoples are not only safeguarding around 80 % of the world’s remaining biodiversity but they are also often more vulnerable to biodiversity loss. They became thus one of the key advocates for biodiversity, putting forward the strong relation between nature, their identity and culture. But to which degree has this discourse found entrance into international treaty and case law in Latin America? Does it increase their rights to their lands, resources and self-determination or does it at the contrary place obligations on them to protect the environment? How to deal with possible contradictions of communities’ rights and environmental protection goals? These and other questions will be addressed and illustrated through specific examples.