Saar-Expert-Paper on the Reform of the High Council of Judges and Public Prosecutors in Turkey online

Report by Prof. Giegerich for the European Commission published

One focus of the ongoing accession negotiations of the EU with Turkey are the independence and impartiality of the judiciary. Since 2008, Professor Giegerich has visited Turkey several times as an independent expert of the European Commission to evaluate the independence and impartiality of the Turkish judiciary. He submitted four pertinent reports to the Commission which were transmitted to the Turkish Government as well as the Governments of the EU Member States. Additionally, in May of 2014, he took part in a Peer Review Mission on the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors. This report has meanwhile been made public by the Turkish Government and the European Commission. It is also made available on this website.

The report can be found in the Saar-Experts-Papers Section of Jean-Monnet-Saar. Or follow the direct link.

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