The ECtHR’s Recent Encounter with Genocide: a closer look at the judgment in Vasiliauskas v Lithuania (App. No. 35343/05) 1

An article by Anika Bratzel* A. Introduction On 20 October 2015 the European Court of Human Rights (“the Court”) in Strasbourg delivered a judgment in the case of Vasiliauskas v Lithuania (No. 35342/05).[1] The case concerned the status of a retroactive conviction of genocide under the Lithuanian Criminal Code with […]

Case analysis of the ECtHR judgment in Delfi AS v. Estonia (app. No. 64569/09) 1

The difficulties of information management for intermediaries By Oskar Josef Gstrein[1]  A. Introduction “The medium is the message”.[2] This phrase coined by the Canadian philosopher Marshal McLuhan in the 1960s seems to be nowhere as true as when it comes to the processing and distribution of information on the internet. […]