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Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich, LL.M., Direktor des Europa-Instituts und Inhaber eines Jean-Monnet-Lehrstuhls für Europäische Integration, Antidiskriminierung, Menschenrechte und Vielfalt an der Universität des Saarlandes lädt Interessierte ein, Texte auf Deutsch oder Englisch zur Online-Veröffentlichung auf unserem Blog Jean-Monnet-Saar einzureichen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich, LL.M., Director of the Europa Institut and Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration, Antidiscrimination, Human Rights and Diversity at Saarland University, calls for papers in order to publish them on our Blog Jean-Monnet-Saar. Further information are available here.

Analyse des EGMR-Urteils „Khlaifia and others v. Italy“ (App. No. 16483/12 – „Lampedusa-Urteil“) – Update

Zur Behandlung von Flüchtlingen durch Mitgliedstaaten der EU Ein Beitrag von Desirée Schmitt[1] Am 01.09.15 hat der EGMR in der Rechtssache 16483/12, „Khlaifia and others v. Italy“[2], die Menschenrechte von Flüchtlingen erheblich gestärkt. Das Urteil kann im Zusammenhang mit den EGMR-Rechtssachen Saadi v. Italy[3], M.S.S. v. Belgium and Greece[4], Hirsi […]

The Transpacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations are finished: The Potential Impact on Progress in TTIP

Analysis of the Situation after the Conclusion of the Negotiations for a TPP Agreement By Leif Johan Eliasson* While many European interest groups and national governments have been obsessing about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) since 2013, the American debate has focused predominantly on the Transpacific Partnership (TPP). […]

Your Facebook Data Just Got a Lot More Secure – Case Analysis C-362/14 Maximillian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner

Dissecting the Safe Harbor Decision of the ECJ [Note: For a broader overview on the topic look at our recently published Saar Blueprint by Oskar Josef Gstrein – Regulation of Technology in the European Union and beyond (10/15) which also covers the Schrems Case] Kanad Bagchi[1] “Privacy is not something […]

Case analysis of the ECtHR judgment in Delfi AS v. Estonia (app. No. 64569/09)

The difficulties of information management for intermediaries By Oskar Josef Gstrein[1]  A. Introduction “The medium is the message”.[2] This phrase coined by the Canadian philosopher Marshal McLuhan in the 1960s seems to be nowhere as true as when it comes to the processing and distribution of information on the internet. […]