Prof. Dr. Yuji Iwasawa from the University of Tokyo at the Europa-Institut

Guest Lecture on „The Work of the Human Rights Committee: Recent Developments“

Prof. Dr. Yuji Iwasawa, Professor of International Law at the University of Tokyo (Faculty of Law) came to visit the Europa-Institut on the 25th of November 2015. For an audience of approximately 70 people he provided some insight in his work as a leading member of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations.

After describing the mechanisms for the protection of Human Rights on the level of the United Nations Prof. Iwasawa focused on the challenges and shortcomings of the current system. He then also outlined some possibilities for reform. At the end of the lecture Prof. Iwasawa took some questions from the audience.

We have some pictures from the event below.

Iwasawa_7 Iwasawa_1

Iwasawa_6 Iwasawa_5