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In unserem aktuellen Saar Brief beschäftigt sich Katharina Koch mit der Frage, ob das französische Lieferkettengesetz, die Loi de vigilance, ein Beispiel für ein deutsches bzw. europäisches Lieferkettengesetz sein kann. Den Beitrag finden Sie hier.

Check out our latest Saar Blueprint about „Sexual Orientation Change Efforts and Their Compatibility With International and European Human Rights Protection“ written by Berfu Yalcin.

On 5 April 2018, Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich presented a paper on „Federalist and Antifederalist Forces in the Multilevel System of Human Rights Protection in Europe“ at the Conference „L’idée fédérale européenne – passé et avenir à la lumière du droit comparé“ at the Centre de droit public comparé of the Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas. An outline can be downloaded here.

Lecture on „The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU and Human Rights Protection in Europe“ by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Giegerich

The Europa-Institut of Saarland University is currently organizing the Spring School in European Integration 2016 on “Human Rights as a Key for Democracy“ with the financial support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Federal Foreign Office (6 – 12 June 2016). This Spring School is designed to introduce participants from Ukraine and Germany jointly to the foundational constitutional concepts of the European Union (Art. 2 TEU). Democracy as a Union value common to the Member States means majority rule which is counterbalanced by the respect for human rights and the rule of law, because power tends to corrupt rulers – even if they are elected representatives in a parliament.

On 7 June 2016, Professor Dr. Thomas Giegerich gave a lecture on “The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU and Human Rights Protection in Europe” in the course of the Spring School. The powerpoint slides he used can be downloaded here.