Prof. Thomas Giegerich on Advancing Gender Sensitivity in Migration Law

Professor Thomas Giegerich has just published an article on “Towards Greater Gender-Sensitivity in Migration Law: Positive Developments regarding Female Refugees and Displaced Persons”. It came out in the special issue No. 19bis of the journal “Actualidad Jurídica Iberoamericana” (Noviembre 2023), pp. 148 – 159. The issue is freely available online ( Professor Giegerich comes to this conclusion: “All in all, gender sensitivity and gender mainstreaming have gradually been extended to global and regional international refugee law. The Council of Europe and the European Union are most advanced in this respect. This is a positive development. The challenge now is to ensure that the gender-sensitive hard and soft law on the books is adequately implemented on the ground by gender-sensitive law-school graduates. This again requires gender-sensitive legal education.”

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